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Cameron (Latino) Little boy

Autistic/ English language learner/Mother and father  

Cameron Alvarez is a fun, light hearted seven year old kid with autism.  He’s a first generation American and loves this country.  He and his family are low income but the kids in the neighborhood don’t care.  He is a good friend and very loyal.  He is an English language learner which makes it hard for him to read and communicate.  He wants to learn how to read and speak English like his friends.  He gets frustrated sometimes but his friends let him know that they still love him and will do whatever they can to help him.  He’s an only child but his mother is pregnant with his little sister.  His parents are blue collar, hard working people who want the best this county has to offer for their family.  Cameron loves to play games and imagines he is the first Latino president of the US. He gets excited quickly and when he does he begins to speak in his native tongue very fast! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]