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Corey Addison (White) Little Girl

Family financial challenges/loner/adopted-White Mother and White Mother

Corey Addison Hayes is a quiet seven year old little girl that is a little confused about life with two mothers.  She feels awkward and thinks everyone is talking about her behind her back.  She’s adopted and is sometimes a loner.  Her friends try very hard to pull her out of her shell by reassuring her that they are all different and that’s what makes them so close.  She and her family don’t have a lot of money. Corey Addison dreams of having money and being rich; not for herself but for other little children like her.  Every day for her is an adventure.  Sometimes those adventures are good and some of them are challenging.  Being an only child, adopted and coming from a financially struggling home with two mothers, Corey Addison feels her friends are the only ones who understand her.  She loves hard and wears her feelings on her sleeve.  She has a great spirit and an optimistic outlook; it’s just buried deep inside of her.