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Kyndal (Black) Little Girl

Selfishness – Mother and father

Kyndal Taylor is a seven year old rambunctious little girl with a vivid imagination.  She’s an only child who loves her family; which includes her parents, grandmother and her two uncles.  The only thing she loves to do other than be around her family, is play with her friends in her neighborhood. She is a very smart girl and loves to learn and encourage her friends to explore their dreams.  As an only child, she has the attention and all the love a little girl could ask for from her family; which makes her sometimes spoiled and selfish. Her selfishness doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to share, it means she wants her friends to do what she wants to do. This way of thinking creates learning and teachable moments for Kyndal on a daily basis.   Kyndal’s family encourages her to dream big and never let anyone tell her she can’t achieve her dreams and goals in life.  This is a message her friends don’t regularly get at home so Kyndal takes it upon herself to encourage them to dream, and dream big! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]