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Tristan (Black) Little Boy

Angry/Bully-Single Mother

Tristan Miles is a seven year old little boy.  He has a little brother and loves sports.  He doesn’t have a relationship with his father and acts out because he longs for a full-time dad in his life.  This pent up anger has made him somewhat of a bully. He’s a good kid, he just needs some direction.  His mother is a good mom, but she has to work two jobs to take care of him and his brother. He’s an average student but he also has a vivid imagination and dreams of being successful so his mother won’t have to work so much.  He wants them to have a big house and a nice car.  His imagination can be his strength if he can learn to focus and control his anger and bullying issues.  His friends are his confidants but he’s closest to Cory Addison.  He tries to be more mature for his age because his mother stresses the importance of being a role model for his younger brother.  He’s really a sweet kid that just wants to be a regular child.