Our Vision

In Kyndal’s World, children will be given the opportunity to understand and embrace the limitless possibilities of their futures. Imagine that!

Our Mission

The mission of Kyndal’s World is to offer a safe educational and entertaining environment to children of all backgrounds, communities, family structures and races.


Kyndal Taylor is a seven year old rambunctious little girl with a vivid imagination. She’s her mother and fathers only child who loves her family and friends. As an only child, she has the attention and all the love a little girl could ask for, which makes her sometimes appear spoiled and selfish. Her friends’ challenge her selfishness and encourages her to think of others. Kyndal works hard to be better every day!

Corey Addison

Corey Addison Hayes is a quiet seven year old little girl. She is sometimes a little confused about life with two mothers. She feels awkward and thinks everybody is talking about her behind her back. She’s adopted and sometimes is a loner. Her friends try very hard to pull her out of her shell by reassuring her that they are all different, and that’s what makes them so close. Inside, she has a great spirit and an optimistic outlook; it’s just buried deep inside of her.


Cameron Alvarez is a fun, light hearted seven year old kid with autism. He’s a first generation American and loves this country. He and his family are low income, but the kids in the neighborhood don’t care. His English is poor which makes it hard for him to read and communicate. He is a good friend and very loyal.


Kiara Lu is an energetic seven year old girl; who’s small for her age. She has low self-esteem and is often trying to fit in with children her own age. Her friends are constantly showing her that her size is a gift. She’s small, but athletic, and has dreams of playing basketball. Her imagination takes her to places where she feels good about herself and her future.


Tristan Miles is a seven year old little boy. He loves his mother, little brother and his friends. He has a lot of pent up anger that has made him somewhat of a bully. He’s a good kid who just needs some direction. He’s the closest to Cory Addison and tries to be more mature than his actual age. He’s really a good kid that just wants to be treated like every other kid.

True Friendship Book

“True Friendship” is a story about how the imagination of children can have endless possibilities when friends come together and learn how differences are the things that connect us.

Kyndal and her friends all have unique challenges and each story will help children navigate their challenges one adventure at a time. IMAGINE THAT! 

What People are Saying

I have an autistic son and he loves Cameron and Kyndal reminds him of his sister. Great read and I can’t wait for the next book!

– C Bellmy

Great resources for educators. Great gift for family and friends.  The author managed to capture the many differences of the children that makes them special and loved. Beautiful illustrations and a great potential resource for classrooms and discussing accepting differences.

– Smith

Quick read before bedtime. I love reading this book to my children. They lean about playing nice with other children and including everyone in the group, no matter how different they appear. This book is a perfect to fit read with that lesson.

– Jmitch

About the Author

I created Kyndal’s World after being inspired by my niece Kyndal. Her imagination and creative spirit are only surpassed by her strength and love for her friends. Kyndal’s World is built to bring children together, embrace their differences and build strong relationships that will last a lifetime.

MBE Certified